Robes of War

Robes of War 2009

An animated short film by Canadian director Michèle Cournoyer explores the impact of war on women, their bodies and their families. Bringing a feminist sensibility to a contemporary issue, it looks at what happens when war insinuates itself inside the very being of a woman—she who once gave life.

The Longest Hundred Miles

The Longest Hundred Miles 1967

During the Japanese invasion of the Philippines, an assorted group of refugees, including an American soldier, an Army nurse, a priest and a group of local children, try to make their getaway aboard a rattletrap, creaky bus.

Secret Archives on Elbe

Secret Archives on Elbe 1963

The World War II. 1944. Nazis staged a cache which stores archival documents of its agents, rescued from the east during the retreat, near a small German town Ostburga.

Wolves' Echoes

Wolves' Echoes 1968

A lonely Border Guard officer, with a girl and a former villain, has to face a local corrupt Militia (Police) commandant and his people, in wild Bieszczady Mountains in the Polish East.

Cross of Valor

Cross of Valor 1959

Three episodes showing the repercussions of war. A soldier is awarded with the Cross of Valor and vacation to home. But instead of his village, he finds only the charred ruins. A stray dog turns out to be the former guard at Auschwitz. A young widow is hailed as the wife of the hero but dreams of something else.

Zajtra bude neskoro

Zajtra bude neskoro 1973

1943. Captain Ian Nalepke, Chief of Staff of the Slovak regiment, bearing protection of military facilities in the small town of Belarus contacts the partisansand passes to them the obtained information about upcoming operations of the German forces.

Anahy de las Misiones

Anahy de las Misiones 1997

Told by gauchos from Brazil, Argentina and Uruguai, the legend says that Anahy de las Missiones wandered around the Plata Basin during the time of Cisplatina War (1825-1828), stealing the dead.

Gilberte de Courgenay

Gilberte de Courgenay 1942

Gilberte Montavon was a legend in her own lifetime. As a young woman, she was confidante to hundreds of thousands of Swiss-German speaking soldiers during the First World War, and remembered most of their names. She was still a teenager when the war began, and was immortalised by a song written during the war years by the Swiss-German bard and lute player, Hans Inn der Gand.

Podvodnaya Lodka T-9

Podvodnaya Lodka T-9 1943

Великая Отечественная война. Советская подводная лодка Т-9, пройдя через минные заграждения Северного моря, проникает во вражеский порт. Моряки топят транспортные суда противника, но вскоре узнают, что опоздали — вражеские войска и вооружения уже сгружены и направлены на фронт. Капитан Костров оказывается в ситуации, когда боевое задание почти невыполнимо, но он должен его выполнить — для него это вопрос чести или бесчестья. Помешать планам врага можно, только взорвав в горах железнодорожный мост через ущелье. Моряки героически справляются с этой задачей: гитлеровский эшелон пущен под откос! На пути в родной порт лодку обнаруживает противник. Командир Т-9 капитан Костров отдает команду подняться на поверхность. Экипаж принимает бой...

Monash: The Forgotten Anzac

Monash: The Forgotten Anzac 2011

The story of how Australia's 'ANZAC myth' was born and the role of General John Monash in this process as soldier and statesman both during and after WW1.

Ushchelye Alamasov

Ushchelye Alamasov 1937

Монгольская экспедиция, возглавляемая профессором Джамбоном и группа советских исследователей отправляется через пустыню в Аламасские горы, где предположительно находятся большие месторождения нефти. Среди членов экспедиции оказывается диверсант, по наводке которого на экспедиции совершается нападение…

The Road to Freedom

The Road to Freedom 2011

About two Photo Journalists that risk their lives by going into a War torn Cambodia in an effort to bring the worlds attention to this region.