Buster's Last Stand

Buster's Last Stand 1970

An Indian tries to scalp Woody in order to use his feathers to make a headdress and win the hand of the Indian Chief's daughter.

Chilly's Cold War

Chilly's Cold War 1970

Chilly Willy is cold and hungry until he finds the home of Colonel Pot Shot, where Smedley is the caretaker.

Seal on the Loose

Seal on the Loose 1970

"Seal on the Loose" is the 174th animated cartoon short subject in the Woody Woodpecker series. Released theatrically in 1970, the film was produced by Walter Lantz. Woody lives in Mrs. Meany's Boarding House and she does not want any animals or pets living there. Woody returning home from releasing his pet goldfish, a circus vehicle passes by that looses a box with a seal in it. So would sneaks the seal in and has to hide it from Mrs. Meany.

Flim Flam Fountain

Flim Flam Fountain 1971

Woody Woodpecker Show - Flim Flam Fountain. "Flim Flam Fountain" is the 180th animated cartoon short subject in the Woody Woodpecker series. Released theatrically on 1970, the film was produced by Walter Lantz

Shanghai Woody

Shanghai Woody 1971

A Captain and his first mate shanghai Woody and with plans of having him swab the deck aboard their ship.

How to Trap a Woodpecker

How to Trap a Woodpecker 1971

George the woodsman's wife, fed up with life in the wilderness, shows him an ad for a fancy but expensive hat. She then kicks him out of his log cabin and sends him on a quest to trap Woody and obtain his feathers to make such a hat. However, all of George's attempts to trap Woody backfire on him. Woody then offers to sacrifice his feathers if George would stop trying to capture him. George accepts the offer, and Woody gives him a big present and tells him the coveted hat is in it. George then goes home and puts the "hat" (which is really a SKUNK!) on his wife's head. When she looks in the mirror and notices the truth, she screams and the skunk sprays her! George's wife is now thoroughly exasperated and promises to get even with him when she finishes her ensuing bath.

The Bungling Builder

The Bungling Builder 1971

Bessie wants to hire a builder to make a sewing room, but Charlie and Junior decide to build it themselves.

Kitty from the City

Kitty from the City 1971

On vacation, a married city couple and their kitty, Precious, hop in their RV and drive out to the woods for camping trip. Seeing that Precious is a real scared y-cat, Woody takes advantage and plays jokes on the cat.

Woody's Magic Touch

Woody's Magic Touch 1971

In medieval times, Woody goes on a quest to transform a dragon back into the king's son with the aid of a witch's magic wand.

Show Biz Beagle

Show Biz Beagle 1972

Buzz Buzzard scams Woody into buying a talking dog when actually, it's a mouse under the dog's hat who does the talking.

Bye, Bye, Blackboard

Bye, Bye, Blackboard 1972

Woody Woodpecker goes to school with his dog. Mrs. Meany tries to get the dog out of her classroom. The final theatrical Woody Woodpecker cartoon. The last theatrical cartoon released by the Walter Lantz studio.

Indian Corn

Indian Corn 1972

A young Indian, sent on a quest by his chief to capture a woodpecker, sees Woody riding through the desert on a motor scooter shooting cans off ...

Chili Con Corny

Chili Con Corny 1972

A dune buggy-riding Woody tangles with Miss Meany and her extremely hot chili and beans.